Hmmmm great question? Why blog? *Takes deep breathe* I feel like that is such simple question with a complicated answer. I wanted to create a blog for quite a while. I just wasn’t confident enough at that time to share my thoughts with the world. I always wondered “What do I have to say” or “No one wants to listen to me talk why would they want to read what I have to say”. So now I am taking a deep breathe, here we go.

I guess my answer would be that its another way to be creative.  I am always looking for new and creative ways to express myself. I have recently gotten into photography, and video editing. Honestly, I wish when I was in high school I would have taken more creative classes because I feel like my life would be completely different. The need for a creative outlet for me has began to be as necessary as breathing (You will learn I am very dramatic LOL).

I work in property management in a marketing positon. There are so many restrictions! Dress like this, speak like that. Even though I have a creative role, I still find myself unfulfilled. I wanted a online space where I could be as uncensored as I wanted and find like minded people. I just want to be me Teryn, loud and proud. The one thing that appeals to me about blogging is finding people who can relate to the day to day part of my life. Other people who are just as social media, makeup, fashion, and food obsessed as me. Being part of an online community of people who are as creative and passionate as I am is the most exciting part of 2017 for me.

I hope that you are all ready to learn with me! I am so excited to take you on this journey with me!